First in Sports First Aid provides on-site injury prevention and injury management for your participants to ensure the success of your event and ensures implementation of best practice risk management. We specialize in on-site first aid services for a variety of events including; sporting events, school sport, community and cultural events, social club activities, Christmas parties, corporate functions, agm’s, conferences, product launch and promotional events.

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Basic Services

  • Accredited Sports Trainer/ Sports First Aiders.
  • Fully equipped first aid kits.
  • Preventative care.
  • Immediate injury management.
  • Referral to health care professionals as required.
  • Sports taping.
  • Immediate crisis management.
  • Education programs and advice.
  • First in Sports First Aid banners and signage to easily identify the first aid locations.
  • Injury records maintained.

Our staff come with fully stocked First Aid kits and are readily identified in their distinctive red shirts. Ice is freely available for all to provide immediate sports injury management. Referral to athlete health care professionals is preferred but alternatives can be arranged.

First in Sports First Aid also has a mobile first aid vehicle which can be used at events where there is no permanent first aid facility.