Our Journey through Sports First Aid

Sports first aidI love my work as a Sports Trainer where I help sports people and sports teams prevent and manage injuries. I started working in this industry when my children were teenagers and very active in sports. Between them they played Aussie rules, ice hockey, soccer, lifesaving and basketball. Regardless of the sport there never seemed to be anyone around to assist when they were injured. So like many other mum’s, dad’s, partners – I started working as a Sports Trainer to support my children.

As a Sports Trainer we see, treat, manage and refer all sorts of injuries. We are first responders who have to deal with a range of injuries from the grazed knee to spinal injuries. We need to have a very broad knowledge base to be able to assist and refer our athletes appropriately. Sports Trainers sometimes have to make the hard decisions and not allow an athlete to play, but generally we try our best to keep the players on the field.

Professional update opportunities for Sports Trainers can be difficult. As most are volunteers, time and money can make continuing professional development a problem. Some sports medicine clinics conduct free or very low cost sessions which are invaluable. State sporting bodies are also a good source of Sports Trainer updates. Suppliers of sports tape usually also conduct sessions which can be invaluable for Sports Trainers. Sign up to newsletters, social media pages to find out about these sessions.

Last week I attended a free sport taping session conducted by physios and podiatrists from Wakefield Sports Clinic and the tape supplied by IDM sports. It was a great opportunity taken up by many old and new sports trainers to learn and practice techniques.

Wakefield Sports Clinic advertises its education sessions on its Facebook page. The next session is on Sports Taping and Concussion Monday 7th July 2014.